Thursday, August 2, 2018

How I Explain to Kids about a part of My Religion Things

Living in Japan as a Moslem gives another level of challenge to me. Moreover, as an educator person who is dealing with kids, I need to explain why I can't do that or eat that.

Almost everyday, I eat lunch together with kids, and there will be a time when they will ask me the same questions:

"Why you don't eat pork?"

Because I am Moslem. This answer will be no problem for adults, but kids? No way! They don't even understand what Moslem is.

Here is the answer that I give to them.

" I have an allergic things about pork, same as you have allergy of milk, or eggs. If you eat eggs, something bad will happen to you, right? So do I. If I eat pork, something bad will happen to me. "

So, Moslem, please do not give any difficult explanation to people who didn't even understand what Islam is. Keep it simple, and make sure that they get your points. And please, teach your kids to explain as simple as that to their friends. Japanese people are really concern about allergic things, so just keep it simple. Do not make any difficulties on your life :)