Friday, February 8, 2013

Simple but not as simple as that

Reading papers, or if in Indonesian we call Journal.
A briliant and intelegent people will say it simple. Ok that' right.
Reading is only read from abstrak until conclusion.
But, for me is not as simple as that. I have to understand what is the meaning of that, what this happen, from where it derived to? etc.

Seriously, I like reading but, if I know what the content of, it's also easy to understand.
But now, what I face is a new thing and I didn't get any basic of that, so....when I'm reading the papers, I ned more time to understand.

1 paper more is almost 1 week.

But I have a funny story.
So, in a week, I have to read 10 papers minimum and summary it, in the same time I have to present about something in a class. That 2 majors is different. The one is what I'm doing now, and the one is what I did before come here.
Then I have one major else about some life cycle assesment
That 3 majors make me couldn't sleep well, couldn't eat deliciously, temperamen etc. So many pressure make me down.

I have to read soooo many papers. For 1st major that I wrote above, only 1 paper I need almost 7 days to understand all. The 3rd major is ok lah just read the table which I need. But the 2nd major, I just need 1 hour  of lecture to finish read and understand 1 paper. Yeah, I did it in the class.

What's that mean???
It means that if we love or we know what we have to read, it will be easy to understand. It will be fast to read and get knowledge. But if we don't understand what we have to read, so you will just get confuse.

Reading is simple, isn't it?
But not as simple as that

Keep reading and keep trying to understand  ^__^