Monday, February 4, 2013

Preface - February

Hell yeah... already february. I can't believe that time flies so fast. It means that 1 year remaining to the last final master course.

Looking at my senior's journey in finising master thesis, I imagine start from the end of february I'm gonna be like them.  Well, not bad, but just need more time for ready even know that I have to ready anytime.

Talk about my master course, on this first grade, I have so many experiences, new friends added and another friends gone. It's normal for me.

Life is changing day by day, minute by minute, and noone can predict what will happen.

Sometimes your friend is gonna be your enemy, or your enemy will be your boyfriend/girfriend, and the one that you hate enough is the only one that you can trust, or someone you love the most will become your enemy. Who knows?

People's growing, age's changing, mind's envolving, while earth's rotating

All that I can do start from this day is trying hard to do my best to finish this mission. Trying to get the better future. Trying to fight my whole life. Trying to stay awake in this weird world. All I can do is try as long as my body still good enough to convert oxygen to be carbon dioxide.

Keep on spirit and let's do the best trial!!!
Because success is the best trial (for me)

Ai Chan