Friday, January 25, 2013

" I like your presentation but I wanna go to toilet"

In my program, there always have a joint seminar, students from Faculty of Enginering and Faculty of Applied Biological Science attend. We have to present something related with our program, Basin Water Environmental Leader.

On the beginning of December 2012, one of my best friends, Trang (spell : Cang) had to present about Air Pollution. She presented very clear and better than her partner at that time. She was like a director.

We, Zaya and I was sitting behind and watching her presentation.  Then she finished her presentation, she came back to sit near us to hear the last presentation from another group.
When Trang came, suddenly Zaya said " Trang, I like your presentation but I wanna go to toilet" then she just toilet.

And Trang confused, she asked me "What kind of sentences that???" and we laughed together.

One month pass, on the beginning of January Zaya and I had to present in the other class. I prsented about Borneo's Moment of Truth and Zaya presented about Hunting with Eagle, we took the materials from National Geographic Magazine.
I presented first, then Zaya and Kazuma.

After Zaya finished her presentation, she came to her seat. But before she finished, Trang and I agreed to take a revenge. Then aftaer Zaya came, we said together " Zaya, I like your presentation but I wanna go to toilet".
But, it had to take around 30 seconds for Zaya to realize the sentences before finally she laughed :D

It just one of funny moments between us :D
Surely, I will miss this moments next year


I love those small articles you wrote here. Very funny and moved. ^^
I also will miss these moments next year, without you two. I will have to find other friends, maybe not in Gifu, but somewhere else if I manage to find job in Japan.
So, we still have 1 year more, let's enjoy together, fully.
You know something? I feel I'm really living in university student's life now, when we go around the school together, eat together, talk bad about teachers and gossip about some guys with very ridiculous name we made for them. I've never had this feeling before. And I think the best thing to come here to Japan is meeting you two and have a full student life!
Love you!

traaaaaaaaaaaaang....i love you toooo hhahhahaha, let's enjoy the 1 year more, we have sooo many things can do without any classes on next last semester :D