Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's snow, and it's snowed

Hei guys, welcome back for me to write again.
Today is hard snowing, and to be honest I hate winter but I like snow. Hmm...whatever but that's what I feel.
I have story about last year winter.
First time I came to this sub trpoical area with 4 seasons from tropical area with 2 season. Excited!!!
"It's snow!!!" I said.
Write my name on snow, then eat snow (eh honestly, I ate snow, really!!), play on snow. But one thing that I couldn't do.... It's ski!!!
Not because I can not do ski, but I have no money to go ski...oooohhh pooor me.... haha

Well, one memory in the snow......

26 December 2011,
I had Master entrance exam, it was snowed. about 30 cm height and all is white.
About 7 person, including me, Zaya, Trang, Dina, Zuhud, Hanny, Ma Qian and Dai Hui.
At that ime, Zaya and Trang was not my best friend. Just ordinary friends because we are not know each other well, although Zaya stay in same lab with me.
Then Dina and Zuhud were my best friend. But, Dina went back to her country because of her family problem. And Zuhud just changed into somebody else, different and "conceited". But well it's doesnt matter for me. Until today me and Dina still keep in contact at least on facebook.
Hanny still same, she already married even her face look so teen haha, and she already have a 5 y.o handsome son. At that time she still aloone, her husband still in her country.
Ma Qian was a cute chinnese girl, she very clever and nice, still same until today.
And Dai Hui, I though he is very rough but now I understand his character haha.

We played snow after examination. Still wearing tailor suit and jas, with a black high heels. It's a beautiful moment in the beginning of new life.

And the time flies untul 26 December 2012,
We stay in class, listening my presentation, except Hanny because we are not in same major. And without Dina.
Everything still same, only at december 2012, no snow :D

Hanny, Trang, Ma, Me and Dina (I was cold so I wear my pink big jacket haha)
Dina, Ma, Dai Hui, Zaya with red hat, Zuhud and Hanny (I took this picture)
Playng snow after exam