Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolusi 2013

Heiii..... first of all, I want to say Happy New Year for you guys. 2013 lho...wah should have something new in our life nih.

Talk about New Year, also talk about resolution. Everybody asked me about my resolution in 2013. But wait......... Emm.. I want to confess that I don't know what is the meaning of resolution hehehe, honestly.
So, because of many question about my resolution, finally I'm googling and I find this
koq gak nyambung yah???

Well reading the result in Google make me more confuse, then I search in Indonesian and get this result,
akhirnya ngerti dah

Thanks to Kiki Anda, you are really smart so I understand what is resolution means. According to him (or her? I don't know), Resolution is a GOAL. Suddenly in my mind, it sounds like playing soccer.... "GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" maybe something like that.

But anyway, talking about goal I have soooooooooooooooooooo many goals in my life, not only for this year. But only for this year maybe I just want to finish my research as soon as possible. hehe only that, no other (maybe).

Oh...forgot something!!! Maybe it's not my goal, but just want to start from this year. Honestly, I tried this everyday before 2013 sih, but hehe it's still difficult. Here's I give a list...a part of my secrets which become not secret again hehe.

  1. Managing Emotion
  2. Start not to talk so much in socmed especially for my privacy life
  3. Stop playing online games (and also offline games---maybe errr)
  4. Starting my research
  5. Struggling for get married

Enough!! 5 is ok for you to know my resolution. Another resolution are..... let it be my secret. Because I want to be mysterious like 10 years ago.'s been a long time, my life was changed, and I want it back again.

Finally, because mysensei beside me, I have to stop writing and continue reading journal again. hiks T_T