Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Money Value (Re-Post from my tumblr)

Well, I have some new friends come from many places entire the world, of course from my country too. They have special behave each person, something nice to start to learn people’s interaction. But in this chapter, I will mention one of them, a girl.
So, the story begins before I met her, I already know a few information about her. They, who close with her just said that she comes from not rich family (not poor, maybe middle), she’s so pity about money, and they said that very poor if she comes here with just a little scholarship. Then, I just said….“eee she’s just like me which always have money problem everyday, Ok then I will share some food with her someday if she already come”. They said, maybe she more pity than you, and I tought “ah ok if I still have a little fortune about money then I will help her someday”. Because I know well how money problems are.
Then I met her. First impression I didn’t recognize her as a -poor- girl as they said to me. And when we chated about our life before and something bla bla bla, I was surprised with her habbit. Why?? Of course, for me her habbit was so long way as a -poor- girl.
How can it be? Of course from her story and I, 100% for sure, she’s act like that normally, not contrived.
How can they -her friends- said that she has money problem if every month she gets 3.000.000 (let’s say on my country’s value) only for pocket money, but I only 300.000 in a month for all my daily needs.
How can they said that she is not rich girl if she knows well about car including prices, type, made in, bla bla bla, and she always sit in front when driving car as like as she’s a madam. But I don’t know about car even just car types, seriously, my father don’t have a car, he just use an old motorcycle.
How can they said that she always lack of money if she bought many expensive and new things to bring here. But I, when I went here I’m just buy new clothes, and it was very cheap.
And still many many many why why why and why in my mind.
I’m tired of thinking, so I just want to say, that we have different money value in our life. For me as the real “middle-poor” I have the real money problem, lack of money in a real meaning. But I still be grateful because I never get hunger.
Maybe she and them have a high money value in their lifes. For me, ther are rich, compare to my money every month. If she - or they - is/are lack of money, maybe their needs more than mine with different quality or quantity. So of course they need money more than me.
So…well ok, I think it’s enough for my opinion about money value. Though still I can’t understand why they didn’t understand me as the real not rich girl and understand her as the not rich girl (but I say that she is a rich girl).
Finally, you guys can judge or repute by your self.