Monday, December 17, 2012

Zaya Learns New Word : Erection

Hei...welcome back to me for posting a story hehe. On last post I said that I will post about a way to get this place where I stand now, but sorry hehe I'm still not in the mood for telling that story :p Because I have an interesting story about my best friend, Zaya.

Zaya is a daughter of big professor in national university in her country. I ever met her father when he came to our university 2 months ago. And she still young, 21 years old. She pass her master entrance exam on 20 (OMG.....I'm 24, what's wrong with my age? What am I doing??? ooohhhh.....) On last friday after class, we and Nara and Trang were eat together (nongkrong gitu bok) on Gasto (name of a cafe). We are talking much about everything, ghost, end of the world, guys etc. Then Trang talk about English Lounge Club and what they are doing on last Monday.

Trang said that everybody in Club was talk about American Election and Obama's Winning. Then she said, because Japanese people can not pronounce "L" as well as "R" for the foreign language, especially English, so they said not "ELECTION" but "ERECTION". We were laugh together, except Zaya!! What's wrong?? Ow...because she didn't know what's the meaning of "ERECTION". Then Nara explained in their language (Nara and Zaya come from the same country), but Zaya still didn't know even Nara hardly explained it. Me and Trang just laughed and Zaya still wants to know it. So Trang said "Just look at the picture". Zaya said " That's good idea, Nara show me the picture" So Nara start search the picture from her IPhone, then got it. First she let me see the picture, oooh I was feel shame. Then, she shown to Zaya. At that time, Zaya cried a loud "AAAAAAAAAAAA, HOW CAN YOU SHOW THAT PICTURE TO ME!!!!!" and she covered her face with her hood. And we laughed together.

 Hahaha....Zaya still young :D


Yes, she's just a child, and look what we did with her, haha! :))

tomorrow on joint seminar, let's contaminate her again :p