Thursday, December 20, 2012

BWEL's Angles

Hai...nice to see you again...... ^_^
In this post I want to tell you about my friends. My best friends and everything around me.

Let's start from Zaya

As I wrote in last post, she is a daughter of a big professor and researcher in Ulanbatar, Mongolia. She still young, 21 years old and she is my best friend.
First time I saw her in my lab, I tought she is my senior, but wow...she's same with me...but because of she is bigger than me, I tought that she is older than me, but...she's younger than me.
She likes my younger sister, sharing, caring, laughing, and gossiping together hehe.

Zaya with her violin

Zaya is a great mucissian. She can play piano, guitar, violin, cello etc. She's very brilliant student, wonder lah because she is a daughter from a big professor and a great researcher. Her brother was graduated from Oxford University and she always said that she is stupid comparing with her brother.......... so, Zaya....what about me if you are stupid?????? Is that mean that I'm idiot??? hehehe

And Trang

She is a daughter from a publicist. She reads doraemon before Doraemon Book publish.
Trang is also smart girl, she knows everything. Me and Zay always say that she is "Walking Dictionary".
She is dancer, singer, and great photographer.
She is 1 year older than me
Trang with her camera

First time I saw Trang in office. She with yellow in everything including bycicle, earings, clothes, skirt and cardigan. All is yellow except her syal was red.
Although she is smart in knowledge but she has low memory to remember 5W1H any moments in her life. ck ck ck
And many times she forgot her bento!! (bento is a box for lunch)
She likes karaoke, and sometimes suddenly she offers me to go karaoke in the cold night....bbbrrrrr and I always refuse that hehehe.

We are known as a -trouble maker- in the class. Always "urusai" "berisik", but here we are, a 3 girls with all the brain, beauty but less behaviour hahaha. We call our selves BWEL's Angels (wether BWEL office does not recognize).
And...everywhere we are...there are something that we are talking about. Something like, this one we dont talk about our beloved mommy Uut and bibi Thavin.
Yes sure, we will talk about that 2 guys, handsome huh?? Hahaha. They just 2 of many people that we are talking about in everyday we meet.
And not only people, we are also talking about "REMEMBER" and "IMPOSSIBLE" (sorry, I can not upload the picture because ....dangerous!!! hihihi

That just a simply daily life of me.
Something that makes me smile when I remember.....


heeyy, why don't you describe urself too?

aww, cmon. tell ur awesome cooking skill :D

chefville hahaha (pukul kepala aang)

yes, where are you Ai? You said about BWEL's angel, but where are you?

I'm hiding hihihihihihi, because I am a shy girl :p :p :p