Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Beautiful Life, at present

Since my dream came true on my life, I feel something different than before.
Fresh, New look, New spirit and everything are new.
Yesterday is not only history buut also a lesson, have to learn on today, for the better tomorrow.

 Well, who said friendship never die? It's wrong....em..not absolutely wrong, but at least for me it's wrong. For the girls I started friendship before, they are over. They started to make a devil face, and I kill 'em with a poker face. Fuh...i like poker face.

But it does not mean that I hate them, 'cuz I hate to hate people. I just stay away from the bad people who always doing something bad for me. I realize that it is not good for my life, so I leave it out.

 So the lesson what I got is about how to manage "your face" and "your heart" plus "your mind" for getting a "beautiful emotion". And also : Never underestimate your "friends" Friends refers to a friend who not 100% wants to be your friend, for many purposes they are exist but you have to be careful with people like that. It's better for you to known well who is your friend :) This is not clarification, this is not "curhat" and this is not talking bad about them. This is just for fun ^__^

 Well, I'll see you again on my another post. :)

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