Monday, April 15, 2013

The Principle of Life

1. Eat more roughage.

2. To others than their own expectations of more, and the intention to do
3. Do not believe everything you hear, do not spend all that you do not sleep as long.

4. Whenever you say "I love you", mean it.

5. Whenever you say "I'm sorry", please look into each other's eyes.

6. Believe in love at first sight.

7. Never ignore someone else's dream.

8. Love deeply and ardently, maybe you will get hurt, but this is the only way to make your life complete.

9. A clear way to resolve the dispute, not to offend.

10. Never judge a book by its cover. Slowly but think quickly.

11. When someone asked you not want to answer, smile and say, "Why do you want to know?"

12. Keep in mind that those who dare to bear the greatest risk to get the deepest love and greatest achievement.

13. Call your mother. If not, at least in the thinking of her.

14. If you fail, do not forget the lessons learned.

15. Remember the three "respect": respect yourself; respect for others; maintain the dignity of the responsibility for their own behavior.

16. Do not let a little dispute break up a great friendship.

17. Whenever you find yourself doing wrong, and do everything we can to make up for. Be quick!

18. No matter what time call, smile when you pick up the phone, because someone can feel!

19. Looking for a person who likes talking marriage, because when the older of the future, you'll find that chatting is one of the biggest advantages.

20. Find time to be alone (me time)

21. Pleased to accept the changes, but do not abandon your personal philosophy.

22. Remember, silence is golden.

23. Read more books and watch less TV.

24. Live a good, honorable life. When you get older and think back, you will be able to enjoy your life again.

25. Harmonious family atmosphere is commendable.

26. Try your best to let family harmony.

27. When you quarrel with someone close to you, try the sake of discussion, not pulled sesame obsolete things can not hold.

28. More attention to the implication.

29. Share your knowledge with others, a timeless tradition!

30. Be kind to our planet.

31. Do not fool Mother Nature.

32. Busy with their own things to do.

33. Do not believe without closing their eyes when kissing partner.

34. At least a year to go to a place you've never been.

35. If you earn a lot of money, more alive to do good things. You can get the best return.

36. Keep in mind that not all the best harvest is luck.

37. Deep understanding of all the rules, and update them reasonable.

38. Remember: the best relationship exists in the love others better than other people's demands on them.

39. Look back you swear to the target, and then judge you exactly how successful.

40. Either cooking or love, with one hundred percent responsible attitude towards period but do not demand too much return.