Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing Me

Well today I wanna be a narcist, as long as narcisme still not forbiden haha.
After I wrote many post, how dare I am still not introduce myself hahaha.

My name is Ai, I live in Gifu, a small town, sub urban area in the center of Japan.
How I could I get here?? It's not necessary to talk now, but sure, every people has their own dream and able to catch their dreams.
So now I'm studying about agriculture speciality in soil erosion. So, for every people who always judge that student from Agriculture is stupid or something, I prove that they are totally wrong!!

My personality is mystery. I could be nice if you were nice, I could be cynical if you were hurt me.
I love cooking, reading, listening music and kepoing (sometimes) haha but really, I'm just an ordinary girl.

I think that';s enough about me haha. I've told you, I'm a mystery ^__^